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Why Investing in Canada House is a Smart Decision

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Discover Toronto’s Waterfront Oasis

Investing in a property that offers both luxury and an iconic location is a dream for many. Imagine owning a piece of Toronto’s waterfront oasis, surrounded by prominent landmarks like the CN Tower and Rogers Centre. In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating features and advantages of investing in Canada House. From the sweeping waterfront views to the highest residential amenity club in Canada, discover why this prestigious development is a smart choice for real estate investors.

Breathtaking Views and Unparalleled Location

Situated at the heart of Toronto’s waterfront, Canada House offers residents a unique and breathtaking view of the city. Previously reserved for visitors of the CN Tower’s observation deck, the panoramic vistas of Lake Ontario and the city skyline redefine waterfront living. This prime location cements Canada House as an iconic addition to Toronto’s skyline.

The Highest Residential Amenity Club in Canada

Indulge in the pinnacle of luxury living at Canada House’s residential amenity club. Located on the 68th and 79th floors, the SkyGym and SkyLounge provide residents with unrivaled relaxation, entertainment, and fitness facilities. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring views that rival those of the CN Tower. Additionally, the 10th floor boasts a convertible outdoor space, transforming into a reflective pool in summer and a Rideau Canal-inspired skating rink during the winter.

A Canadian Experience and Iconic Design

Canada House pays homage to Canada’s rich heritage and culture. The illuminated towers featuring a signature maple leaf motif showcase the building’s connection to the country’s history. Moreover, the community captures the essence of Canadian living, offering amenities like the Rideau Canal-inspired skating rink and indoor/outdoor spaces suitable for year-round enjoyment.

Luxurious Living in Canada’s Highest Amenity Club

Revel in the height of luxury at Canada House, home to the highest residential amenity club of its kind in Canada. The SkyLounge on the 79th floor will take your breath away as you soak in views typically reserved for visitors of the CN Tower. Pamper yourself in the SkyGym and SkySpa on the 68th floor, featuring an indoor pool, hot tub, and cold plunge dipping pool for ultimate relaxation.

Wellbeing and Leisure at Your Doorstep

On the 68th floor of Canada House, the SkyGym and SkySpa await those seeking leisure and wellness activities. Dive into the indoor pool, unwind in the hot tub, and invigorate your senses with the cold plunge dipping pool after a rewarding workout session. Experience a lifestyle that prioritizes your wellbeing.

An Ode to Canada: Embrace the Community

Canada House fosters a sense of community and offers a lifestyle that you can feel good about. Experience the joy of walking outside on a sunny summer day or engaging in winter activities in the outdoor courtyard. Families with children will appreciate the indoor and outdoor amenities available on the 10th floor, while all residents can enjoy the artful reimagining of the CityPlace Schooner installation.

Unparalleled Convenience and Entertainment

Convenience is paramount at Canada House. In addition to the expected amenities, such as an in-building car wash for effortless vehicle maintenance, residents can revel in elegant settings for entertainment and celebrations. The wine locker and tasting room, as well as the culinary event kitchen, provide perfect venues for creating cherished memories with loved ones.

Redefining Waterfront Living

Amidst Toronto’s bustling concrete jungle, Canada House redefines waterfront living. This prestigious development reminds residents that they are situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, one of Canada’s greatest lakes. It seamlessly integrates the waterfront’s historical significance with contemporary urban living, creating a gateway to an iconic future.

Toronto’s Intersection: The Best of Both Worlds

Canada House is ideally located at the intersection of Toronto’s waterfront and its Fashion, Entertainment, and Financial districts. This central position ensures that residents have easy access to all the amenities, attractions, transit options, and notable restaurants that downtown Toronto has to offer. Live at the heart of the city and embrace the best of Toronto’s vibrant culture.

The Transformation of Toronto’s Waterfront

Canada House is part of the transformative Concord CityPlace community, Toronto’s largest residential development. With an impressive lineup of 31 residential towers, 10,000 homes, and over 20,000 residents upon completion, this community is shaping the future of Toronto’s waterfront. Alongside residential properties, there are 120,000 square feet of retail space, the picturesque Canoe Landing Park, and the newly built Canoe Landing Community Recreation Centre.


Investing in Canada House offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Toronto’s waterfront paradise. With its breathtaking views, top-tier amenities, and vibrant community, this prestigious development represents the epitome of luxury living. Embrace the allure of Toronto’s iconic skyline, immerse yourself in the highest residential amenity club in Canada, and experience a lifestyle that seamlessly blends Canadian heritage with contemporary design. Don’t miss your chance to invest in Canada House and become part of this thriving community that celebrates the very best of Toronto’s waterfront.
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